Meal Plan Monday – the health kick continues….sort of

I’ll admit I haven’t been doing the squat challenge the last two days, pathetic I can imagine you’re thinking however I’ve re-discovered Gillian Michaels 30 Day Shred, the muscles are back together so time to get back on it.  I’ve now remembered how it feels to have muscles in my body, some I forgot existed.  Anyway I hate eating salad, I find it boring so to up my veg consumption I need to come up with new ideas, especially pre-school friendly ones.


Boring old spaghetti bolognaise but I love, Bertie loves it and I can hide a ridiculous amount of veg in it and he’ll still eat it.  I include grated carrot, celery and finely diced mushrooms and peppers.


Smoked haddock cooked in milk, served with green beans, baby sweetcorn, carrots and mash.  Bertie won’t eat the haddock so he’ll have fish fingers, lovely and processed.


Macaroni cheese with bacon, I’ll add a salad to it to make it slightly healthy.


I’m not ashamed to say it shop bought pizza, I cook nearly every night of the week so I need at least one evening off.


Steak and chips, my husband will have it with butter and maybe some stilton cheese, served with sweet potato wedges and a salad.


We have a children’s party in a pub, so we’ll have some pub grub, probably chips….I’m looking forward to them.


Instead of a roast we are going to have these cheesy mushroom wellingtons, served with new potatoes, green beans and red cabbage.

Even though I’ve stated I hate salad, it seems to be part of many meals this week.  Instead of the usual lettuce and cucumber, I’ll do tomato and onion salads and sometimes add cous cous for a different texture.