Meal Plan Monday – the minimal meat week

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It just feels like we’ve been meating it up a bit too much recently so this week’s meal plan is light on the animal protein and high in vegetables. We do try and incorporate a couple of veggie dishes into our weekly menu but, especially with my paleo tendencies, meat has featured pretty highly on our plates recently.

My trusty shopping list devised from the meal planning keeps me on the straight and narrow and stops the impulse purchases that add up. I’ve made it 4 weeks now at about €54 per shop which makes me happy. It saves me money, but more importantly so much time because I don’t wander around the supermarket idly wondering what to buy (not that Joseph would facilitate that!) and every evening I know exactly what I’m going to cook.

Monday Quinoa salad. With feta, chick peas, olives, avocado and everything else that’s appropriate and available in the veg drawer. Such a quick easy meal. Delicious and hugely beneficial in terms of macro and micronutrients. A perfect dinner.

Tuesday Veggie Chilli. It took me years to work out why I really didn’t like James’ chilli or chili as it’s known in the U.S. Finally I realised that it’s the American chili powder that turns my stomach. It’s just pure chili whereas the British powder is a mixture of chilli, cumin and other stuff. We now have a stash of the Brit stuff so I never have to endure that vile taste again!

Wednesday Veggie stir fry with rice noodles, soy sauce, oyster sauce, lime juice and peanuts. A kind of hybrid, or poor person’s Phad Thai. You could throw in some prawns if you were feeling fancy!

Thursday Falafel and salad

Friday Most likely pizza after swimming

Saturday Spaetzle (like a German version of gnocchi) with crème fraiche, broccoli and home-roasted ham. Finish with a sprinkling of mature cheddar or parmesan and it’s delish

Sunday Pea and ham soup

Have a great week!