Shake up your wake up – It’s Breakfast Week

This week is officially Breakfast Week and as a result it’s making me really think about what my family consume in the morning.  Every day, without fail, the dialogue goes as follows:

Me: Bertie what would you like for breakfast?

Bertie: Weetabix…….

Me: Ppppppppurr??????

Bertie: Please (we’re still working on this)…….with hot milk………please.

Me: Here you are.

He never wants toast, pancakes or eggs. On occasion he’ll eat porridge with a dash of jam honey.  For ease and wanting to monitor my intake I’ve also succumbed to Weetabix, even though they taste like cardboard. My ideal would be a big bowl of cornflakes with ice cold full fat milk.

Even though I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day I have been known to skip it.  The result? Either grabbing unhealthy snacks or lunch later on or feeling like I’m about to faint. Obviously neither is good and definitely not something I want my children to copy.  I also know that having pop tarts or toast with jam isn’t a nutritious way to start the day.

Bertie has asked more than once for cake or biscuits for breakfast and I have to remind him this isn’t what he eats at the beginning of the day. “Why?” I get asked. The only way to explain it to him is to liken it to Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas needs coal to function but Diesel (obviously uses diesel) doesn’t. If Diesel were to be given coal he wouldn’t be able to go along the track because it’s the wrong type of fuel and the same vice versa completely omitting that diesel is flammable and putting it into a engine that’s lit wouldn’t be advisable.  Therefore it’s the same with our bodies, we need food that is nutritious and gives us energy (and now I sound like Katy from We Can Cook!) to set us up for the day.

It’s also part of my healthy January. Breakfast eaters are generally slimmer because they don’t reach for the bar of chocolate at 11am, nor do they get miserable from being hungry therefore making me and my family a lot happier.

I have to admit I do have the same thing for a month then change it but now it’s Breakfast Week it’s really making me think that my household needs to shake things up a bit.  Here are my ideas for that change.

A few years ago I went through a phase of making ‘eggy cakes‘ –  a glorified omelette.  I would fry some finely chopped mushrooms and bacon, whisk three eggs, add cheese, the mushrooms and bacon.  Pour the mixture into silicone cupcake cases and a tray then pop in the oven to bake for about 5-10min ish.  Remove, serve with tomato ketchup.  It was brilliant, Bertie would actually think he was eating a cake for breakfast.  Anything can be added, sweetcorn, peppers, ham, goats cheese, you get the idea. Here is a recipe I have found for them on the internet.

Eggy cakes

Using the slow cooker, the night before I would add the contents required to make porridge, so however many oats, double the quantity of liquid.  I normally do 3/4mug of oats then 3/4mug of milk, 3/4mug of water.  Mixing in some cinnamon and peeled, cored and diced apple, leave it on low overnight then you have a wonderful breakfast to come down to first thing in the morning, easy peasy.

I have just made these delicious muffins from the Good Food Guide.  My favourite thing about these is there isn’t any refined sugar so I don’t feel I’m starting Bertie on a sugar high.  These do take a bit of preparation and making but worth it, they keep in an air tight container so can be used on days you don’t have much time.

Breakfast muffins

Randomly the other day I craved fruit for breakfast. This never happens to me and all I had was tinned peaches, apple and banana, I chopped it all up, slathered it with yoghurt and honey and it was delicious. So simple.  Unfortunately this is one that needs to be done in the morning but if you don’t eat it all keep it in the fridge until later, blend, add apple/orange juice and some yoghurt then you have a great smoothie.

I really hate wasting food, very little other than peelings is chucked away in our household, so when we have fruit going off I put it into a freezer bag and freeze it.  I have had my husband ask me “why are we keeping six black bananas in the fridge? they have been in there for ages, just use them!” My reply is “I’m keeping them to make banana bread”.  Well jokes on him, I’ve used all six in the last few days, making smoothies, muffins and Lucy’s delicious paleo pancakes. And because they are so sweet I don’t need to use sugar.

This morning we are going to have Lucy’s paleo pancakes with honey on top. I know Bertie will say I don’t want pancakes but tough it’s that or nothing and it will be because we don’t have bread or weetabix.

What do you like to eat for breakfast?