Bulletproof Coffee – I’m shaking up my wake up!

I was tickled when we were in Antwerp a few weeks ago and we stumbled across a coffee vendor selling Bulletproof Coffee. It’s been all over my Facebook and Pinterest pages for the past year or so but I’ve never seen it being sold anywhere before. Let alone at a market from a coffee van.

coffee, saturated fats, bulletproof

James and the children had walked off in the opposite direction so I didn’t get a chance to try it but I strengthened my resolve to make it at home when we got back. What have I been waiting for? It’s absolutely delicious. Admittedly slightly more labour intensive than I generally have time in the morning rush but well worth it.

There are lots of arguments for and against this drink because of the saturated fats but taking those out of the equation right now (because I know everyone is a Google Research God these days and the details are easily accessible) here is the recipe I used. I really liked it. Coconutty, creamy and easy to drink I’m definitely going to make it a regular wake-up event.


  • 1 tablespoon butter (preferably grassfed and definitely not salted)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil (organic is best)
  • 1 dash of vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons of of milk (or cream)
  • 1 cup of your usual coffee

bulletproof coffee 2

  • Basically all you need to do is throw the ingredients into your blender and mix until foamy. An immersion/hand blender would be so much better but I don’t have one of those in my massive collection of appliances.
  • Pour and enjoy. Simps.

coffee 1