Mummy I’m hungry

Even when Bertie has just had his breakfast containing two weetabix, crumpets and some of mine he will inevitably come to me 30 minutes later saying “Mummmmmmmmmy I’m Huuuuuuuungry” Me: “how?????? you’ve just eaten your body weight in food?”.  I must remember he’s a growing boy and his consumption in teenage years is going to exceed that of now.  Anyway I’ve come up with some healthy snacks for him because it’s embarrassing when were out and about and all he wants is biscuits and won’t touch fruit when on offer.

Here are some very quick easy snack I give him.

  • Sliced apple and peanut butter, the only way he’ll eat fruit.

peanut butter and apple

  • Yoghurt and honey, even though he gets enough calcium from the cheese he consumes this is another favourite.

yoghurt and honey

  • Popcorn, not the stuff from a pre packaged bag but popping kernels from the supermarket, popped in the microwave with some honey drizzled on top or salt or butter, the options are endless.
  1.  Popping kernels 1/4 cup
  2. Microwave friendly bowl and plate
  3. Topping of choice, I used honey

Put popping kernels into the bowl, cover with the plate, microwave on full heat for 3 minutes, remove and top with whatever you want.


sweetcorn fritters

  • Tortilla biscuits, I can’t take credit for this one, it was given to me by a friend.
  1. One tortilla wrap
  2. roughly 50g butter
  3. sprinkling of soft brown sugar

Melt the butter, whilst this is happening cut the tortilla wrap in chosen shapes, brush butter onto the tortilla and sprinkle the soft brown sugar over all of the shapes.  Put into the oven at roughly 170C for 10-15 minutes.  The edges want to be a golden colour, remove and allow to cool.  Eat, try not to eat all in one go, it’s really hard not too.  They can be stored in an airtight container but I doubt it’ll get that far.

tortilla biscuits

  • Apple rice cakes, if all else fails, given to him in a packet from Tesco.

These are my regular snacks I give to Bertie because I know he’ll eat them and it doesn’t contain a stupid amount of sugar, salt or preservatives.

What healthy snacks do you give your children? I could do with some new inspiration.