At home with Primark

So, I made the conscious decision before we moved, that although 4 years goes by incredibly quickly, I was going to make this house a proper home and decorate properly. By properly, I mean buy soft furnishings. Actual painting is out a) because I can’t take the walls with me and b) I can’t really be bothered to paint someone else’s property.

I initially started scouring websites like John Lewis, M&S, Heals, Zara, Next,The White Company. You know, all the nice places. But I soon changed gear and redirected my search towards the lower end of the market. For multiple reasons, but mainly because having a 3 year old and a 1 year old, everything that enters this house soon looks like it should belong in the bin.

Sticky fingers are abound, as are spilled drinks and pretzel crumbs. I just don’t want to get too emotionally and financially invested in cushions that I practically die when Joseph wipes his peanut butter mouth all over them. And Emmie could give my sister a run for her money when it comes to knocking over her drinks. It was a running joke (but oh so true) that Amy spilled her drink at dinner every single night for years. My parents didn’t learn, and neither did Amy. Dinner at the Robinson’s during the late ’80s was a fairly painful experience.

Anyway, I digress. I subscribed to Primark’s Instagram and have been really impressed with their new range in the Home department. Not only that, although I can’t order online, we have a branch fairly close by so I have actually been able to check it all out for myself.

Take a look – I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. And, although they are most definitely adding  a £1 or 2 to their prices, the price points are still incredibly competitive.

These cushions range between £3.00 and £7.00.

Primark cushions 3

You know how I feel about a bit of Breton. Blue stripes rule and I absolutely need a few of these baskets, and this thermal mug. I drink my tea out of a purple version from Primark all the time at home.

Primark blue stripesThis is just beautiful and right up my alley

Primark spring interiors

And finally, I need these in my life. I’ll find a home for them somewhere.

Primark cushions 2

What do you think?