This week’s survival kit

Both children are ill this week and we’re all tired.  The amount of snot coming out of the baby’s nose is ridiculous and Bertie has only been eating soft food.  Bertie has tonsilitis and as normal refuses to take his “medicine” antibiotics, why can’t three-year olds understand that if you don’t take the yucky medicine then you won’t get better, you can’t go to school, Mummy comes close to a breakdown and the world will end? Just take the damn stuff. I even had to get a change in antibiotics to the delicious banana stuff I had as a child but he is still convinced it’s yucky.  Problem solved, banana flavoured medicine in banana flavoured yoghurt from Lidl, mixed well together, all of it is eaten without a fuss….. 1 point to me!

To add to this Evie has a cold and grown out of size 3-6 month baby grows, apparently I don’t produce milk, but clotted cream. So, at 3.5 months she has been upgraded to 6-9 month baby grows.  Her nose is a snot machine and my clothes are showing it.  So I’ve decided to compile a list of the necessities for my week.


CalpolMedicine for when temperatures are raised.  Asda has a baby event on this week and luckily they have calpol on offer. If you want the sugar-free calpol it’s £2 for 100ml. I wish Bertie would take this but we need the original one WITH the sugar, for £3 100ml. This isn’t the time to try save his teeth; my sanity is more important. The baby girl needs the saline drops for her nose, does this do anything? I don’t know but it feels like I’m doing something to help her. They’re £2 from Asda.  Ibuprofen is the same from Asda at £2 for 100ml.


Baby wipesBaby wipes are mostly being used to wipe off dried snot stuck to faces and when the baby is sick down my front missing my top and sitting like pool in my bra for those who are pregnant with their first, this is one of those things people forget to tell you about, it does happen. It depends on your preferred wipe, Huggies and Pampers from Asda are £7.97 for a pack of 12.  Or if you use own brands, Asda Little Angels ones are 5 for £3.



MuslinsMuslins to dry between your boobs post baby sick down your top, or their top and they’re softer to wipe noses with. I have Asda ones which do what they say on the tin but I have just discovered Boots sell a bog standard pack for £4.40 for 6, a bargain at 73p each.  Lets face it, a muslin is a muslin, it mops up sick why buy expensive ones? However it is worth having some of these, we were given them as a present and I’ll be buying them for other people in the future, they’re the size of a bath towel and worth having one packet even when not on offer.


John Lewis BabygrowsI love John Lewis baby grows, they wash and tumble dry really well and the ones I’ve found on offer are £10 for a pack of 5 so £2 each.  I don’t want anything fancy, they’re going to be her pyjamas so plain white ones are perfect, as is this deal.  The vests are five for £6.





And finally for me, my favourite instant coffee, Kenco Millicano, Tesco £2 for 85g refill, I’ll probably nekenco millicano offered two packets for the week.

What are your essentials this week?