Be my Valentine? 3 simple homemade gift ideas

I’ve always had a fairly healthy disdain for all things Valentine’s. It’s such a day of false demonstration and excessive show (in my opinion obviously). Flowers cost ten times what they did the day before, and the day after. Cards are full of cheese and surreptitiously saccharine messages that never convey what you’re actually thinking. Restaurants are booked weeks in advance and always have those second rate set dinners that cost a bomb. I’m not anti-romance, honestly I’m not (although with two children and a husband saving the free world single handedly , chance’d be a fine thing!), it’s just that it’s so utterly contrived and frankly way too expensive.

Be my valentine

Fast forward to my current American life and Valentine’s Day is such a big deal in comparison to the UK. There are special t-shirts to be bought, children send each other Valentine’s cards and parents scour Pinterest to arm their offspring with gifts for their teachers and classmates.

As much as I want to hate it, I just don’t. In fact I’m totally converted because it really is so sweet. That said, I am breathing a sigh of relief that we don’t have school friends this year. I don’t have to stay up late the night before, creating ingenious offerings with witty plays on words.  It is rather exhausting. And I don’t have a creative bone in my body. Never have done.

As part of our very gentle home pre-schooling , I dedicated this week’s craft time to a bunch of simple homemade treats that Emmie could present to Daddy when he came through the door each evening. Lucky James has had something shoved in his face the past three nights and in his defence, seems to have loved them all.

This is straight off the pages of Pinterest but is a lovely idea and one for Daddy’s desk. Easy peasy but so effective. Two hearts made from red footprints. Like all great plans, this one went spectacularly wrong as Emmie used her left foot twice even as I was saying “other foot. OTHER FOOT. O T H E R  F O O T” but a wet wipe soon remedied that mistake! I used a smallish canvas that I got in an arts store but you could even do it on paper and frame it with a cheap Ikea frame.

Valentines heart

This water globe is a great way to give photos. The water magnifies the pictures and we had great fun choosing the photographs, cutting them carefully and filling the globe with water. I got this one for super cheap locally but ebay seems to be the best UK bet for a low price.

Valentine's water globe

The heart shaped chocolates were made by melting a bar of Aldi milk chocolate. Emmie slowly spooned the chocolate into heart-shaped moulds that we already had and sprinkled them with hundreds and thousands. The hardest part was wrapping it up at the end because they’re just so pretty and we wanted to keep looking at them.

Valentine chocolate heart

All of these took a maximum of ten minutes each so truly time, as well as cost efficient.

Have a go and tell me which ones worked for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!