Make your bed and lie in it

It’s not been a great week as you already know, the snot monster is still at large however the biggest whitest tonsils have gone down.  I’ve been trying to think what has helped me through the week, coffee, chocolate, DVDs but none of these can I truly say are life savers in this situation, all I want is my bed, like every other mother.I yearn for a six hour sleep in a really cosy bed, similar to one of those in a brand new hotel, with lovely crisp white sheets.  We stayed in one at a friends wedding just before Christmas and it was divine, brand new and no one else had slept in it, Evie had to put her mark down and be sick on it.  Anyway, I wanted something to cheer me up after this week and as I’m not able to go off for a weekend at a Spa I thought some new bedding would make life a bit more fancy.  I love new bedding, the feel of it when you get into bed at the end of the day is priceless.

Here are my favourites, I’m more of a white bedding type person but I have added a couple of colours and patterns just for fun.image


Debenhams bedding


Even though I’ve said I normally go for white, I think this time it’s going to be the bargain above from Matalan yellow and grey for £19.99.