The best ever buttercream icing. My anniversary gift!

Just a quick one this fine Saturday morning. I found this recipe yesterday and it was by far and away the best ever one I’ve ever seen to top my cupcakes (or fairy cakes if we’re going old skool). It was so simple to make, piped beautifully and tastes absolutely fantastic.

It was our wedding anniversary and as James walked out the door he said “I’ll give you your present later”. Present? Since when have we ever given each other presents? So in my lame attempt to pretend that I had something planned, I made lemon cupcakes as a homage to the lemon cake that topped our wedding cakes.

Wedding cake

If you’re planning to make something sweet to go with your morning coffee, bung a load of this on the top of it and you’ll be golden. Honestly, I could just eat it by the spoonful.

I googled the best ever cream cheese icing and this site came up. As the UK hasn’t moved over to measuring by cups yet (which is a shame as it’s such an easy way of baking), I’ve translated:

This is enough to lavishly ice 15 normal size cakes.

2 oz  unsalted butter

2 oz Philadelphia cream cheese

8oz icing sugar

I added the juice of a lemon to make them lemony. James is super sensitive to lemon and thought them a bit tart. Me? I loved them. Or you could you use 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Mix the ingredients together and pipe making sure your hands are quite cold so that the buttercream doesn’t loosen up as you do so. Voila.

lemon cupcakes