Colds, sickness and hot chocolate

Last week the children were ill, Bertie wasn’t allowed at school for a couple of days and Evie had discovered crying.  Before she didn’t cry much because I feed her before she had a chance, I did this to try and save myself from losing the plot with a pre schooler and small baby, it worked….until last week.  I’m coming out the other end, which I’m pleased and relieved about but as I’m sure all mothers can relate I’m now starting to feel like I’m getting everyone’s germs, my throat is sore, my head is thick and walking around I feel I’m on a boat.  Bottom line is I’m exhausted and pleased I’ve managed to get through most of Evie’s first four months without feeling like I’m going to collapse, with Bertie it started within his first week.

I’m trying to think what I have been doing over the last week to help.  Vitamin C and Echinacea tablets, to boost my immune system and prevent me getting their dreaded germs.  Waking up in the morning and needing to drink three to four pints of water, this isn’t good I know but I can’t help but stand at the kitchen sink and just drink, I was breastfeeding a lot more overnight so this may have had something to do with it.  Anyway this water made me feel so much better and ready to start the day, one morning I went straight for the coffee BIG mistake, I felt awful and even trying to rectify the situation didn’t work, so my advice if you’ve had a terrible night in any sense, DRINK LOADSA WATER, it really does help.

However on an evening the water wasn’t for me, if I drank too much I’d be up in the night disturbing my precious sleep going for a wee.  Instead I’d treat myself to….wait for it……..HOT CHOCOLATE! Now I’ve always been a Cadbury hot chocolate girl, thinking this was the best, because, you know it’s Cadbury, I had it as a child etc however last year when we went away for a couple of days and forgot the drinking chocolate my husband went to Sainsburys and bought their own fair trade stuff.  I did look at it and think WHY?????????? I know Cadburys is a bit more expensive but WHY would you bring this inferior product into our lives???  It was a bit like Green Eggs and Ham and Bertie trying fruit, you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve tried it and it was bloomin delish.  More chocolatey and decadent I’d recommend it in a heartbeat.  As a result Cadburys has been shunned and we have branched out to other store own drinking chocolate with impressive results.  Tesco is the closest, biggest store and we’ve tried their own, this in my opinion is exactly the same as Sainsburys and both are cheaper.   Even though they’re the same I feel more of a pull towards Sainsburys because it’s fair trade but at the moment we have the Tesco version in the house.


We did try the Galaxy one, not worth looking at, it didn’t taste of chocolate even with five heaped teaspoons in, just don’t waste the calories on it.  As for Green and Blacks, you need a lot of powder to give it a vague chocolate taste and it’s the most expensive, not worth buying in my opinion.

Try it and let me know what you think.