These are a few of my favourite things..

As I was pondering my life whilst sat at home this morning waiting for the DHL man to deliver my floridix tablets (yes I’m that lazy that I buy my supplements from Amazon. Or one could say I’m that time-efficient that less than 24 hours after the quick click of the mouse, I have them delivered to my door) I started to think about all the things that I just couldn’t live without.

Obviously I’m talking material things, the people in my life are a given and acknowledged frequently.

My yellow double clutch purse from Stella & Dot has to be one of my most genius purchases in recent Lucy history. It fits my keys, mobile and money so I can always find everything when I’m out and about (our new car actually needs a key to open it, so 1997. The old one was push button access) and I use it alone or throw it in and out of my nappy bag depending on my need. I love it. And I love the colour. So bright and cheery and it looks brill with all of my navy clothes. There’s a new mint colourway for this Spring which is lovely too.


I can’t find mine online as I bought it in the U.S. but this one is very similar (although less retro ’60s than the one I have). I recently added a teal clock to our kitchen decor and I don’t know how I lived without it before. First thing’s first, I hate teal. Like, I’ve really never liked it so I don’t know what drew me to it. But, it looks great and is a nice burst of colour on our plain pale walls.

Teal Clock

I mentioned this thermal mug the other day in my ‘At home with Primark‘ post. After my morning coffee(s), the rest of the day I drink out of this. Primarily because it keeps my drink hot and as you know, in this Mum job, you never get to finish a cup of tea in a timely fashion. But after the horrific event of Joseph managing to navigate my barricade the other day, and pulling it over, it makes even more sense to use it now. Such a minuscule amount spilled out of the hole and onto him, but enough to make him scream and really sting. Thankfully not the whole cup full like if I’d used a normal mug.

Thermanl Mug

I love my Bristol prints that James bought me just before I came back to Germany when he was deployed and Emmie was born. They remind me of home, in a good way, and pretty soon I want to add a London one to my collection. I’m fairly certain that Swindon isn’t in the portfolio to represent our shortish stay there, but if there was a Leeds one, I’d get that too!

Emmeline Simpson Bristol

Finally my Apple TV. To watched Nashville. I’m an out and proud huge fan, and James has been known on numerous occasions to join me. So it can’t be that bad!

Apple TVHave a good Wednesday folks.