Holiday packing is soon to commence

I now feel horribly ill and tired and pissed off everyone else is better and I’m not but there is a saving grace, in less than two weeks we’re off to Centre Parcs. After that it won’t be long until we head abroad to the Canaries for a week, just us, just the four of us, no one else, obviously apart from everyone else on the Easyjet flight but it will be our first holiday abroad with our little family without friends or family………evvvvvva and I’m really looking forward to it.

Centre Parcs is a trip with the in-laws, it’s going to be great, my brother-in-law has two girls, one the same age as Bertie and they get on well, Granny is the most energetic person you’ve ever met and obviously the kids love her for it and I love her for it because I get a break. The last time I went there I was pregnant with Bertie and unable to go on all the cool water slides but this time I’m hoping to take Bertie on them, or at least on the crazy river thing.  We’re taking Bertie’s bike, I have to hire one because mine has been left outside for the last four years and looks like it’s made of rust, but at least I’ve got a tow along to pop Evie into, swimming and cycling will fill our days.  To top the trip off my mother in law very kindly offered to look after both the children whilst we go to the spa, so for the first time in ages we’re spending three hours jacuzzing it up, it’s going to be bliss.

During one of my many stints scouring Pinterest for things to pin I bloody love Pinterst even though it’s a complete time waster and stumbled across packing suitcases for children.  At the time I had Bertie it didn’t really apply to his clothes because everything goes with jeans/shorts and a top but I’ve realised it’s going to be great for Evie’s outfits.  The idea is putting a whole outfit into a plastic bag, like so:

image and then packing the bags, removing them when required, without the searching for the top to go with the bottoms etc.

For love nor money I can’t seem to find it on Pinterest now so I can’t link to the picture I saw years ago.  However I think it’s a genius idea, especially as my husband doesn’t seem to believe me when I say she has certain clothes to make an outfit. In his head clothes are clothes and they’re a practical thing, it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it does the job.  If someone wants to tell me she isn’t my personal dolly to dress up, I beg to differ, I brought her into this world and I’ve fed her for her whole life thus far, therefore I can dress her it in what I wish….and it’s pretty clothes not just pink as the above suggests.  Anyway the bag idea is going to save me time whilst away, firstly I won’t have to hunt for leggings or tights to go with a top/dress, secondly an argument with my husband about what Evie is wearing, so EVERYONE wins.  The bags I’m using are from good old IKEA, the ones I use to put stews and casseroles in the freezer but obviously clean ones.

What do you think to this idea?