Half Term Fun

imageEven though it only feels like Bertie has just returned to school after Christmas it’s half term already and I’m now sitting here trying desperately to fill our week with fun activities to stop us driving each other up the wall.  I really want to stick him in front of the TV all week watching DVDs but I know I shouldn’t, well, I may do it for one morning or afternoon.


On the top of our list watching Shaun the Sheep at the local cinema, the one I used to go to as a child.  He was obsessed with the Wallace and Gromit films over Christmas so I know he’ll sit and watch the whole thing.  This isn’t cheap and nor do they have offers available on the latest releases however most cinemas have a Saturday Childrens Club with a 10am showing which is suitable for all ages.

  • The Vue have a good saturday selection of films and tickets are £1.75
  • Cineworld have film showings this Monday to Thursday in the mornings for £1.50
  • Scott Cinemas, £2 per ticket for Saturday Kids Club at 10am


I was in my local Ikea last week and noticed a sign about free February Half Term activities.  Surely some free activities for the children, free coffee for you with your family card and the chance to buy some extra crap you’re not quite sure you need or want shouldn’t be missed?  Not mentioning the cheap breakfast or lunch.

The National Trust

If you’re wanting to get out and about The National Trust have events for all the family this week.  It’s starting to become a bit warmer so surely it’s time to get out there with the children to start ticking off some of their 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4. They also have family survival days, toddler trails and making a bird box (see the website for events near you), some are free and the usual admission charges apply others are extra and need to be pre-booked.


For those who can’t be bothered to leave the house why not try some of Katy’s I can cook recipes? I dare you to emulate how happy she is cooking with small children, good luck, I’d last two minutes.  Everytime I try to make a cake Bertie comes bounding in from the front room shouting “can I help make cakes?”, finds the steps, stands beside me with a spoon, dips it into the mixture and eats it, typical boy.  At the end when I’m cleaning up he’ll sing the washing up song from the show but not do any and continue to lick the bowl….. hmmmm maybe he takes after me a bit too much.

What are you up to this half term?