Flipping tuesday

Pancake DayLent is beginning tomorrow and so today is Shrove Tuesday, the day in which we should eat up the last of the luxury food, eggs, milk, flour, butter and turn them into pancakes eating until our hearts content because tomorrow we are fasting.  Yeah right, I’m not going to be giving up decadent food, I did consider giving up caffeine, again AS. IF. So I’m just going to give up tea, only full caffeine tea, decaf tea doesn’t count because it’s not real tea just funny tasting water, it’s a bit like squash but without the sugar and therefore healthy but squash is a lot tastier.

For those who can’t be bothered to google, here is a quick link for a pancake mix.  We are going to have two courses of them tonight, one with cheese and ham and then lemon and sugar for pudding, ooooo yeah I’m excited but obvs the first one will be discarded or given to my husband because it never turns out well, why is that? Everytime, the first one never turns out well.  Then I’ll try and flip it over and it’ll fall on the floor, this is where the two second rule will apply.  I’m sure Bertie will say “I don’t like these pancakes” before he even tries them because he’s only ever had American style ones just remember green eggs and ham Bertie.  For the Americans reading this, the french crepes are scrumptious, please try them if you haven’t already.  Typically served with lemon juice and sugar or Nutella if you’re in France.

This isn’t something I’d normally advocate but if you’re feeling truly lazy, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Tesco and Asda are selling Betty Crocker Traditional Shake and Make Pancake mix for £1 at the moment, you add water and shake…simple.  Not quite the same as a homemade batter but easier if you’ve just finished work and too tired to whisk.

What are you topping your pancakes with?