Water flumes and lazy rivers here we come

imageI’m sitting here feeling exasperated at the lack of children’s swimming costumes in the shops at the moment.  Apparently children don’t go swimming during the winter months, what idiot thinks this??? Are they never taken to a swimming pool for lessons, galas or fun throughout the months of November, December, January and February?  And when I do manage to find some the boys selection is pathetic, when in the Mothercare shop I counted how many different swimsuits for girls, six and for boys three, I kid you not (all in Berties age range).However after much searching on the internet I found some in Debenhams I liked, so I ordered them there and then out of excitement without thinking of widening the search from Marks and Spencer and John Lewis.  John Lewis did have some nice ones but I didn’t want to pay £10 for one pair of trunks for a three year old, I settled for the two for £10.

During my search I found gorgeous little swimming costumes for girls and boys from Crew Clothing in TK Maxx.  Both are only available in age five but I really think someone needs to buy them.

For smaller children Boots have a good selection of buy one and get second half price.


Fortunately Evie has hundreds of swimming costume handed down from Emmie so I don’t need to buy her anything even though I’ve seen loads but I do need some swimming nappies for her.  Sainsburys and Tesco are selling Huggies swim nappies for £3 a pack of 12 at the moment and Boots £2.99 for the same packets.