Lucy and Amy Do It Ourselves – Apple Crisps

imageAs you already know I need to be inventive to try get Bertie to eat vegetables and fruit.  He’ll eat a banana and on occasions an apple.  On one of our shopping trips we came across apple crisps, OMG, apple crisps are extremely morish, I could eat them all day.  I checked the ingredients because I was convinced they were full of ‘dirty’ extras but surprised to find this wasn’t the case, which is obviously great but did get me thinking, why am I paying 50p for a tiny pack of apple crisps when a whole apple costs a fraction of this obviously not Jazz apples but I wouldn’t waste this delicious fruit on this type of cooking. 

I’ve just made some and I really recommend giving it a go.  Bertie had eaten his breakfast and did the daily “can I have something else to eat?” “of course darling, why don’t you try these yummy organic, homemade with love, good and made especially for you apple crisps?” “No I don’t like them”.  Lack of sleep, only one cup of coffee down and my ear hurting because I caught his bloody cold, all I could respond was “fine suit yourself, I’ll eat them” and I’m glad I did, one apple doesn’t produce much but I could have eaten loads of this healthy deliciousness.  My advice is to make loads and bag them up.


  • Apple (quantity is up to you, the picture shows one so I suggest at least two)
  • Coconut oil


  • Slice the apple very thinly, for this I used a cheese grater (the side that cuts parmesan in thick strips) or a mandolin would be ideal.  Cut out the core but leave the skin on.
  • Put a heaped teaspoon of coconut oil on a baking tray and melt in preheated oven at 160C/gas mark 3.
  • Put the apples on top and bake, check them every 10min and if you see any browned ones remove them, it depends on how thinly you’ve cut them but all should be done within at least an hour.
  • Put into zip lock bags or eat.

I hope you enjoy them, as a healthy snack it’s one of my favourites.