The most AMAZING meal planning app

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that I’m an avid meal planner. James and I write our plan on a Sunday ready for me to hit the supermarket first thing Monday morning after the playgroup drop off.

A friend of mine introduced me to Plan to Eat a few weeks back and I’m completely in love with it. Essentially it’s a fully comprehensive recipe organiser, meal planner and shopping list creator.

Plan to Eat

It genuinely is amazing. If your friends are signed up, you can tap into their recipes too. And unlike Pinterest, where my pinned recipes linger in the ether and never actually make it onto my plate, once I’ve added a recipe I can easily see it so that it’s actually transferred to my planner.

To add recipes from Blogs and websites onto Plan to Eat, you have three options; using a bookmark that you can add to your browser toolbar, importing a URL or writing it yourself.

Plan to eat Add a recipe

You can add friends by inviting them via their user name or email address. Yours and their recipes are listed by type so they’re easy to scroll through and find for inspiration.

Plan to eat Recipes

Once you’re ready to meal plan, you open up the calendar and drag your recipes across to the day that you plan to make them. If you don’t have a recipe but fancy sausage and mash like we did, then you can free type it in.

Plan to Eat Planner

Once your week/fortnight/month is complete, you can click on the shopping list button and from the recipes and freetyped meals, it exports all of the ingredients into an easy to use list. You can cut and paste to an email like I do, or download to a CSV file.

Plan to eat shopping list


Plan to Eat Export shopping list

There are so many shortcuts and options that you really need to have a go on it to see just how user friendly and valuable it is. Plus they have a pretty impressive FAQ page with you tube videos so that you can really get the most out of the app.

It is an American website so the usage fees are in dollars. $39 for the year or $4.95 per month which is approximately £25.33 and £3.21. BUT, to whet your appetite they have a 30-day free trial so that you can play, peruse and plan to see if you like it.

I’ve used Plan to Eat for three weeks now and absolutely love it. It saves me huge amounts of thinking time because I’ve already got my preferred recipes at my fingertips ready to be populated into my meal plan. The automatic, and editable shopping list that I email myself is fantastic for having at my fingertips on my phone when I go grocery shopping. And, the nosey side of me loves to see what recipes my friends have been adding so that I can steal their ideas too. It’s 100% a timesaver for me. Such an inspired idea and so simple to use.

Have a look and tell me what you think!



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