Bertie’s pretending to cycle


We’re here at Center Parcs and enjoying all the swimming and cycling.  To try to save a bit of money we brought our own bikes, or Bertie and my husband have, as mine is still sat outside in the garden rusting away.

Being three years old, Bertie has little legs and can only go so far on his Balance Bike before he gets too tired. In a place like this “Mummy my legs hurt” doesn’t get us very far.  I’ve hired my bike for the week with a tow along for Evie and for all the money in the world I’m not going to cycle along with a baby, a heavy Balance Bike and a two stone three-year old I don’t care if it’s good exercise, it’s not happening. I did foresee this when the holiday was booked so being a normal mother, I pre-planned. That is, I warned my husband we would need a back-up plan.

BACK-UP PLAN = The Trailgator

Thankfully we received one for Christmas. Excellent. My husband has attached it and he tested it out on a trip to the park.  Everyone is happy, especially me because I don’t need to try to cycle with both of them and Bertie gets to sit and enjoy the ride. I wish I was him. And, my husband gets to use his stupidly expensive bike at last.

Halfords and Amazon are selling them for £41.00 at the moment and in a place like this it’s worth its weight in gold.