MAGIC PAINT – Keeping the colour on the walls


We’ve been in our house for years now and we’re only just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to finishing it.  We bought a doer upper but being 25 and 27 at the time and child free it’s crazy to think how naive and enthusiastic we were.Long story short, we’ve re-done the roof, electrics, knocked down walls, rebuilt whole rooms, put in a new kitchen, bathroom and last year we started a loft conversion when I was six months pregnant it would have been quicker to build a new house from scratch.  Now everything on the list except the loft has been done by ourselves, or more accurately my husband and dad however we paid someone to convert our loft but only the shell, the rest was completed by my husband.  We paid someone to plaster it, OMG, they were bloody quick, it’s a big space and it took them less than three days to complete the job.  My husband obviously has some knowledge on DIY and knows a good job when he sees one and they did well.  We did have the typical we’ll be there tomorrow and they didn’t turn up for a week and a half but it’s now done.

Now for the exciting part COLOURS, I’m liking the idea of a very light mocha, to give it some warmth.  I’m sure my husband will poo poo my idea but one things for sure we’ll be using Diamond Dulux paint for the landing and staircase leading up to the loft.  We have it in our kitchen and it’s amazing.  If you have small children I recommend it, you can scrub it with a damp cloth and the marks come off but the paint stays on! In our kitchen somehow tomato sauce found its way onto the ceiling and top of the wall, a spray of Mr Muscle, a damp cloth and a bit of rubbing voila it was gone, the ceiling however looked a little less white because we didn’t use the magic paint it was only on the walls.

imageSo for sticky hand prints, crayons and buggy marks the Diamond Dulux Paint is a winner.  As much as I love the Farrow and Ball colours I’m not sure the paint can withstand the scrubbing I’ll need to do in the future and the price makes my eyes water.  At least with the Dulux I’ll paint once and won’t have to re-do it for a while.  The Diamond Paint can be bought from your local Dulux Trade Centre. All of the colours on their chart are available you need to go into the store and ask for the paint you require in the Diamond version, it’s not like B&Q where you can see all of the colours online.  Once we’ve managed to make a joint decision we’ll be heading down there, it may take us a while.