To freeze, or not to freeze?


No food gets wasted in our house, not even a lemon left over from pancake day.  I knew if I didn’t do something with it, I would let it rot and then throw it out, I wasn’t planning on making anything to put it into so I decided to slice it up, put it into a bag and freeze.  It’s Lent and due to giving up tea, coffee can be a bit much all the time and hot water can get boring, excellent…..I’ll have some sliced lemon in hot water, I’m enjoying it, even though I hated it in the past.  After this I thought I’d have a look to see what else could be frozen and kept for a later date.


Obviously dont put the whole egg in it’s shell into the freezer but if you crack it, whisk it and bag it up then it can be frozen.  Or if you want to separate the white and the yolk this can also be done for all that mayonnaise and meringues I plan to make.


Ok so this would never happen in our house because cheese is eaten at least once a day but if you have some that’s about to go out of date it can be frozen.  I have found most hard cheeses will go crumbly once thawed but if you grate it and then store it, it’s easier to thaw, use and less likely to crumble.


My favourite to freeze, just throw them in with their skin on.  I like to keep them in a bag just to stop them sticking to the drawer, always inevitable in my freezer.  Excellent to use as part of a banana cake or smoothie.


Chop all of the above and freeze.  With mushrooms toss in some melted butter before bagging them.


This one is something I need to start doing, I buy jars of pesto, use them and then days later go to cook with it to find its covered in white fluff, I normally pick it off and use the stuff underneath.  However freezing would save me having to pick the white mould off, by putting it into an ice-cube tray, freezing, then popping into freezer bags you will have non mouldy pesto whenever needed.


Fresh herbs don’t have a long life but are always great to add to a meal.  They can be frozen in bunches in a freezer bag or chopped up finely, added to an ice-cube tray with some water, once frozen pop out and put into a zip lock bag.


If for some strange reason you manage to make some biscuits and not want to eat all of them in one go, make the dough right up until you’re about to cook them.  Divide into individual biscuit size pieces and freeze on a tray with baking sheet underneath, once completely frozen place into a zip lock bag and return to the freezer, you’ll have deliciously home cooked biscuits to eat fresh at any time.  Just cooked them a couple more minutes than the recipe indicates.

I will use these IKEA bags where I’ve written zip lock bags once I’ve finished unpacking from Center Parcs I will, Evie’s clothes are still in some of them.  When using the bags I will label them with a marker pen what exactly it is, the number of times I haven’t and gone to defrost a chilli and then it turning out to be curry, maybe, just maybe this time I’ll learn my lesson and my husband will be pleased I listened to him.