Ready for a break? A city break?

I love this time of the year when all of the Bank Holidays fall within weeks of each other and it seems like every other week is a 4-day. Although we live on a slightly different work schedule (where there isn’t one Bank Holiday for Easter, let alone two!), I am planning ahead for Memorial Day which tends to fall at the same time as the Spring Bank Holiday at the end of May. James and I have a list of European cities that we’re making our way through and try and tick one off every couple of months or so. Because we travel so often, and with two young children, we’ve got the planning part down. It usually works like this:

  1. Choose city
  2. Locate an apartment on Airbnb and book it. Procrastination means it won’t be available. We’ve learned that from bitter experience.
  3. Buy Lonely Planet and Hop on Hop Off bus tickets

If  you’ve never used Airbnb before you MUST try it. Founded in 2008, there are over 1,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities across more than 190 countries. There’s a bed for everyone on every budget. You can filter by your exact requirements and can choose to stay in an entire place, private room or shared room. I always pick a kitchen, wifi, and family friendly. That more or less guarantees that they’ll be no breakables and we won’t have to lug travel cots, pottys or high chairs. If we drive, I make sure there’s parking or a garage. And lastly I limit the search to our price range. Airbnb filters There’s the opportunity to chat with the owner to ask questions and get more information before you commit or you can book immediately. We have had some fantastic experiences and met people who have given us way more local information that the usual tourist guides and hotel information desks. For not a huge amount per night this is where we’ve stayed.. Airbnb1 Airbnb2And Berlin was my absolute favourite. I wanted to love here. Airbnb3 Check it out. You’ll never want to go back to conventional hotels once you’ve had a taste of living away but at home! Lucy