How I save myself from screaming during brushing teeth time

Thomas the Tank engine timer

Naturally as a pre-schooler Bertie doesn’t like having his teeth brushed/getting dressed/face washed/ doing as he’s told.  I don’t have any time-saving tips on how to encourage any of the above apart from brushing teeth.

I didn’t think I’d be that mother who would resort to gadgets and gizmos to get my child to do things however when it comes to brushing Bertie’s teeth it can be a painful process and something we all dread.  Initially I tried the pinching of the nose so he had to breath out of his mouth and then shoving the brush into his mouth, this technique was traumatic and not one I’d recommend.  Then it was the electric toothbrush, ok, it kinda worked, kinda didn’t, we still had tears and screams from both of us at times. For Christmas he was given a Thomas the Tank Engine toothbrush gift set, Granny thought it would be a good idea…… Granny is therefore a genius.  Bertie presses the timer and Thomas goes round the track and through the tunnel for 60 seconds, giving me enough time to brush all his teeth two or three times.  He’s happy because he has a toy for the process, I’m pleased because I can brush his teeth and not die with shame when I take him to the Dentist.

If you’re struggling with toothbrush time I really recommend this ridiculous gadget.  Amazon sell them in other forms such as Hello Kitty, £7.99, Angry Birds, £10.49.  Boots have the Thomas the Tank Engine for £10.  They come with a toothbrush, cup and disgusting toothpaste that children love, so it’s not just £10 for a timer, even if it was I’d buy it for how much easier it makes my life.

If anyone has any advice on how to get children dressed with no fuss it’d be greatly appreciated, bribery only works on occasions and making a game out of it is too much effort on little sleep.