Something EVERY women must be in possession of – a MUST READ


After posting about turbans in my princessing post Lucy and I were contacted by someone from Aquis, one of the makes of turbans Mumsnet readers were recommending.  Anyway long story short she offered to send us one to review on the blog.  All I could think of was “amazing it’s going to save me £14.95 because I was going to buy one when I was next paid”.Well little did I know how a small towel could bring me so much joy.  My hair is slightly longer than shoulder length and very very thick, so thick I have to do a lot of research for hairdresser Dale to cut my hair short because a lot of styles won’t work on my hair.  As a result it takes ages to wash thats my excuse for long showers on a weekend and drying it becomes a mission, to the point I only wash my hair every three days.

Fast forward to receiving the towel, I couldn’t contain my excitement, the AQUITEX material which is a super soft, woven fabric promises to take away moisture from your hair three times faster than normal cotton thus reducing drying time by 15-50%.  As as result less blow drying is required, preventing split ends, decreasing frizz (for me the biggest pro, I go through a lot of hair serum), and leaving your barnet full of health.

That was the speil, did it live up to it?

Since using it I have noticed two major differences:

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.59.07 PMTime it takes to fully dry.  If I shower in the morning I have to be in before 8 o’clock to make sure I have enough time to vaguely dry my hair before attempting to blow dry it.  Even when I do, I’ve had my hair in a cotton turban for at least an hour and blow dried it for 15min before I get bored, give up, tie my hair up still damp, so lets say it takes 75min to look presentable but will take the rest of the day to fully dry sometimes even overnight. I timed myself this morning with the Aquis Lisse towel and from getting out of the shower at 8:50 my hair was fully dried and styled by 9:15 and that included juggling Evie and telling Bertie to return various building tools he had found at the top of the stairs.  LESS than 30 min to do this used to be inconceivable, if someone had told me before I was in possession of this miracle towel I would have laughed in their face and said “not with my hair”.


Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.59.13 PMHow healthy it looks and feels.  I’m not leaving the house with damp hair I have noticed less frizz, so I’m more inclined to keep it down, usually I tie it up because it feels thick, huge and fluffy and all of those irritate me.  Instead it feels like I’ve just left the hairdressers for two/three days in a row, soft, shiny and bouncy, am I writing a L’Oreal advert?  Surely “you’re worth it”.


The previous cotton turbans I’ve used haven’t done as good a job and I could go on how great this simple little towel is but you won’t know the miracles it can do unless you try it yourself.  At the moment it is available from Amazon in the UK for £14.95 and the US for $17.99 and in white, celadon and pink.

For me, this is my ultimate time-saving product and if I know you don’t be surprised if you get one for either your birthday or Christmas, it’s something I think every women should have in their bathroom.

Give it a try and let me know if you agree.


Disclosure: This product was sent to us for free to review, we have received no payment from Aquis Lisse nor have they had any input to the content of the review.