Mother’s Day flowers made easy

waitrose mother's day flowersMother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is very close.  Our Mum never really wants anything as a present but only a man could take that literally.  I know it needs to be acknowledged as I now feel it needs to be acknowledged from my children, everyday is a Bertie or Evie day so I need my two days a year, Mothers day and birthday.  I can’t think what to get my mum so I’ll do the standard card and flowers, surely every mother likes  a lovely bunch to put in their kitchen?  If my husband is reading this, hint hint HINT, I have three empty vases on the windowsill that should be filled with pretty flowers, the last bunch of carnations don’t count. Anyway back to what I need to buy and I didn’t think for one minute you could get deals on these during the week leading up to Mothers day.

I always thought getting flowers delivered this weekend would cost a bomb but it seems quite a few places are doing free delivery.  Waitrose have the bunch above with a free box of chocolates for £35.00.

Asda has free delivery on flowers ranging from £15-£38.

asda mother's day flowersinterflora mothers day flowers



Interflora have the above bunch for £44.99 including delivery.

At the moment there isn’t enough hours in the day to get everything I need and want to done, so one of these has already been ordered to be delivered on Sunday so all I now need to do is buy a card, or even better get Bertie to make a card.  If I think about it Bertie will get bored within 10 seconds of creating a card and I’ll end up making it, sooooooooo it’ll be easier and quicker to buy one, I can’t justify getting it sent straight from the internet to her house when she lives around the corner .