Spring showers herald the Return of the Mac!

Did you know that original trench coats were developed as an alternative to the heavy serge coats worn by soldiers in the First World War? That said, both Burbury and Aquascutum claim that it was their invention. Although Aquascutum’s claim dates back to the 1850s whereas Burbury’s first design was submitted in 1901 so I don’t really understand the argument but there you go!

Our Mum has a 1980’s Burbury trench and every now and again I try it on in the hope that I will love it and subsequently acquire it/take it/steal it for my coat collection. Unfortunately, as with everything in the 80s, it is hugely oversized so it just drowns me and I take it off with massive disappointment every time.

She did buy me a handy M&S substitute a few years back and it’s probably one of the most useful things in my wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what you wear underneath, it always looks smart. I’ve sought out my 6 favourite across all budgets from this season’s collections, for you to peruse.

Trench Coats 1

M&S Buttonsafe™ Pure Cotton Mac with Stormwear™ £85.00

Asda Drape Mac £35.00

Topshop Cotton Trench £79.00

Trench Coats 2

H&M Trenchcoat £49.99