Summer bodies are made in Spring – 5 new workout websites

The sun has been shining for the last few days and in true British style, we’ve already seen shorts and t-shirts even though the temperature hasn’t risen much above 15°C!

Unlike those brave (or crazy) souls my first thought has been more on the “oh my god, I need to actually put on a bikini in approximately 132 days. I really need to get on it”. My issue is that James is never ever here to offload the children. When he does eventually return from work, I’m beyond exhausted having kept a 3 year old and 1 year old alive, as well as entertained, fed and watered them, and so would rather drink wine and watch Eastenders. Motivation to exercise after 8pm is severely lacking so I need something child friendly and quick.

Summer bodies are made in Spring

I’ve talked about my love affair with Jillian Michaels previously, but even she’s not lighting my fire right now. Instead I’ve decided to mix it up and dip into these 5 websites that are new to me for my 2015 super summer body.

My friend Amber and I’ve been following Cassey Ho at Blogilates for about a year now. I say following, I’ve liked her Facebook page and get the daily updates. Amber’s actually done the workouts. They’re short; some are just 5 minutes long, they focus on one area and are hardcore. Cassey has been voted No. 2 in the top 10 influencers of online fitness (Jillian was No. 1 obvs) and she has a great amount of clean eating recipes and meal plans too.

Couch to 5 K has been such a running success story that even the NHS has its own dedicated website to the program. Depending on which app or website you choose, it’s either a 8 or 9 week challenge that can take the laziest of couch potatoes and make them eager runners. Starting with lots of walking interspersed with a few minutes of jogging, it’s a very gentle way to get you moving. The great thing is that once it’s over, there’s a couch to 10K and then couch to half marathon. I did this last Spring after having Joseph and managed a 10K when he was 4 months old. That’s kind of a stealth boast but seriously, if I can do it, anyone can.

YogaI heard about Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day challenge through a few friends that have been doing it recently. She has a brilliant website with Yoga for Beginners and Yoga for weight loss as well as the 30 day challenge. The videos are more like 30-40 minutes long but I’ve heard fantastic reports so I’m keen to give it a go.


I’m super excited about Barre Workout. I took a class called Barre Belles when wearrived here back in December. I absolutely loved it. So much so that I’ve never been back. But that’s completely down to childcare logistics rather than anything else. I pretended I was a Ballerina for the full hour and it was such good fun as well as a full-on hard workout. The technique combines yoga, pilates, dance and the Barre for strength work. I’ve found the Ultimate 20 minute Barre Exercise Workout on the website that I’ll be starting off with.

Weight TrainingFinally, because I know the High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) works so well for my body, I’ve sought out Fitness Blender as a recharge and replacement for Jillian. Using the website you can track your progress, set up your own tailored fitness program and ask questions. Y0u can search workouts by the amount of time you have, the difficulty, body focus and training type (e.g. Kettlebell, Pilates, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, Low impact etc.). How cool is that? There’s even a 1000 calorie workout if you’ve been a fatty boombalatty and have 84 minutes to spare! I’m super fascinated by this site and can’t wait to have a go. It looks pretty cool.

What do you think? Do you have one that I’ve missed that I need to know about as well?