The Good Life

The first year in our house the garden was a dump still is but around the outside we had nothing but vegetables growing.  As a result we were called Tom and Barbara and my family laughed at us…….. we were laughing in the end when we had endless supply of lettuce, rocket and tomatoes.


We had lettuce everyday for the whole summer, it was so easy to grow and once you have it going you just cut some off and it re-grows – who knew?!  The rocket was the same and tomatoes taste so much better when home-grown.  It sound like it takes a lot of time but it really doesn’t and the rewards are amazing if you put a little time in everyday and not to mention soooooooo much cheaper.


I would suggest putting these into propagators to sow and then into a greenhouse.  We have a plastic version i.e. cheap greenhouse or they can be kept on the window sill in the kitchen.  Once you have seedlings they’ll need to be thinned out to give them space to grow, then they can be put into the ground outside after the last frost, when is that? Who knows in this country but I’ll be waiting until April time to put them in the garden.  When the weather heats up the lettuce will need watering at least once a day, this is the minimal effort you’ll need to put in I promise.  Slugs and snails are their enemies and I strongly suggest putting slug pellets around your crop otherwise one morning you’ll come out to admire your handiwork to discover a bloody slug has slugged its way to your delicious lettuce and chomped down on the lot.

Once the lettuce looks big enough it’s time to eat, if it’s a head lettuce i.e. Romaine all you’ll need to do is cut it about an inch from the ground and then it’ll regrow, the beauty of growing your own.

Lettuce doesn’t always need to be in ground, if you have space outside or a bright windowsill they can be grown in them very easily.



Rocket is similar to lettuce, follow the above for sowing and planting.  The difference is picking, when you see it you’ll realise all you need to do is pick the leaves off one at a time.  A bit fiddly but OMG when you eat it the comparison between this and shop bought stuff is obvious and the homegrown is far superior.

Both lettuce and rocket are so easy to grow yourself, cheap and really satisfying when eating, I’m not green fingered and I hate gardening even more than ironing but I do grow these every year to try to save a bit of money.  Trust me, once you’ve given it a go one year you’ll do it every year and at the end of every summer you’ll be fed up of eating salad or rocket pesto.

Have you gown your own before?