Easter Bonnet Parade – Have you made yours?

What would you do in this situation?

Already running late for playgroup, your toddler is kicking up a fuss when eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing teeth and putting shoes on.  FINALLY you’ve managed a lick of mascara and found a clean top for yourself so you’re about to leave the house….then…..it sinks in……Oh HOLY CRAP…..it’s the Easter bonnet competition today and your toddler is definitely not wearing an Easter bonnet or hat of any sort.  Do you:

A. Not go.

B. Pretend you forgot and therefore condemning your child to potentially being the only one and then have them ask every 2 seconds where their hat is? Therefore scarred for life.

C. Quickly make something.

D. This would never happen because I’m always super organised and never forget anything.  The bonnet would have taken me 10 hours and it would win the competition.

This happened to me last year and I wanted to do B, A wasn’t an option because I wanted to see my friends, in the end it was C.  We have a birthday hat we get out for all our birthdays and wear it to blow candles out, I’m hoping it’s going to be one of those things in years to come when we look at old photos it’s always there.  Anyway I used that and tried to um…you know…sellotape some ‘eggs’ to it! The egg being an egg shape piece of paper (flimsy) quickly coloured in.  It looked crap, the sellotape didn’t work and it was just a birthday hat with candles on top, Bertie loved wearing and showing it off so luckily he wasn’t scarred for life.

I WILL NOT BE CAUGHT OUT THIS YEAR, only because I’ve googled really piss easy Easter bonnets.  I’m not claiming these will win a prize but it will look like you’ve made an effort which is the main thing.

This one will take about 10 minimageutes, not one I’d suggest if you’re desperately trying to get out of the door.

Make a crown and stick flowers along the bottom.  Take a cupcake case and fill with strips of paper or cotton wool and attached some sort of pre made chick to the top.

If you have limited time, these two are really quick and easy.

imageTake one paper plate and cut around the base in two ear shapes, colour ear shapes in pink and then bend up….couldn’t be simpler! I will add, it wasn’t as easy as I thought to cut the ear shape out (as I’m sure you can tell from the picture) but still a lot easier and quicker than the one above.

imageOne piece of white cardboard or stiff paper, I really wouldn’t use paper, it’s too flimsy and you’ll end up with bent ears.  Cut into two ear shapes, make them large and then colour in pink.  Attach to a hat, I’ve used sellotape, I don’t think it’s very sturdy but I’m convinced it’ll last a trip to the competition and then for five minutes and that’s all whats required of it.  JOB DONE.

If D was your answer, can I have yours from last year please?