Just Keep Swimming

imageLuckily Bertie is once again better, especially as his cousins came over from Germany and there’s been few occasions when my Mum has had all four grand children in one room.They’ve had a great time, sleepover, treats, Peter Rabbit and the rest.  On Wednesday Bertie had to miss out on a couple of hours with Emmie, so he could go to his first swimming lesson, he was suppose to go last week but was too ill to move let alone get in the pool.  I didn’t know what to expect apart from I didn’t have to get into the water, THANK GOD.  Taking him when he was a baby was such a faff but now I just present him to his swimming teacher and off they go.  In Center Parcs he was asking to learn to swim so his wish has come true.

He wasn’t the only one to start lessons this week but you wouldn’t have known, Bertie was in the water with the other children as soon as he was told it was ok but when I was watching from the side I’m not sure how much ‘swimming’ he did, more walking in the water but I suppose they all need to start somewhere.  I’m pleased he enjoys the water instead of being scared of it, it was the only sport I was ever good at so I’m keen to get him going.

It’s the drying and dressing process I have always hated about swimming, even as a child, I could never quite dry myself properly and I feel like this when I’m getting Bertie ready afterwards.  Luckily before I left I found the talcum powder and chucked it into the bag.  This stuff made life so much easier to dry him, I towel dry him first and then put it onto my hand and pat him all over, obviously avoiding his face.  Avoiding the face is really important, because the particles are so small it’s really dangerous for anyone to inhale especially small children, it can cause breathing problems but if used sensibly it’s safe.  When I used to go to a swimming club we all had to wear swimming hats and so does Bertie now, again talcum powder is a godsend, put some just before you want to put it on and it just slides over.

Other uses, beach trips, I used it when he was still in nappies.  Take the nappy off and the whole groin area is normally covered in sand, this offends me and I hate it, I HATE SAND STICKING TO ME.  I don’t enjoy the exfoliation, it irritates me, it gets stuck in suncream and then doesn’t come off for the rest of the day, the solution, TALCUM POWDER, oh yeah, again put onto the hands first and then pat anywhere (except face) that has sand attached, i.e. baby nappy area, and then gently rub, the sand then falls off.  Don’t forget to use it when you want to get into the car at the end of the day and not want to vacuum it, legs and feet are obviously the main culprits here.

That’s my tip of the week, remember it for the summer.