A round up of my recent purchases

We took a quick trip back to the UK last week so I was able to actually go to real shops and touch, feel and check out things before I handed over my money. It’s pretty novel to be inside a store and make an informed purchase these days as I do about 99.9% of my shopping online. The internet is amazing, and I couldn’t live without it, but it does rely on a large amount of guess work and making-do when things arrive and they’re not quite right. Asda George – Champagne mosaic table lamps for our bedroom and a blue stripe throw to match some baskets I got from an American shop for Joseph’s bedroom. George Homeware 1 From TK Maxx, a duck egg kit cushion and a pair of sage silk cushions for the sitting room. TK Maax cushions Emmie’s lucked out on the shoe front, probably because Joseph’s still not walking so has no need for any just yet. They look tiny because they are; she’s still in the baby collection of shoes at H&M! Emmie's shoes Black Chuck Taylors, Flowery trainers, and blue denim skaters We bought a 12 foot trampoline to go in the garden. I’m hoping for a whole summer of bouncing and no pleas to go to the playground as a result. This one is massively reduced on amazon.co.uk and has a 5* review. With her pocket money from Grandma, Emmie chose this sweet “grow your own strawberries” bucket from Tesco. As with all things Tesco, their website is impossible to navigate and find anything, but they have a huge selection of buckets by the entrances of most of their stores. In H&M I got yet another breton top and the white skater shoes that I was coveting! I haven’t taken the shoes off since I bought them; they’re super comfy and look great with everything. Shame it’s still freezing and my bare ankles don’t cope well in the cold. trampoline, strawberries and skaters I love these Easter buckets for our egg hunt in the garden. These were purchased from the United States but this Etsy Shop is based in Chipping Sodbury, Glos. and has similar. Easter buckets And Next came up trumps with some simple tshirts and shorts for Emmie and for Joseph for playing in the summer. Next clothes Not a bad haul for being in the country for nigh on 72 hours. Imagine what damage I could do to the credit card if I had a whole week..? Lucy