10 Easter Holiday activities to keep the family busy

10 Easter Holiday Activities

As the Easter holidays are fast approaching, I’ve been frantically trying to wrack my brain for things to do to keep the three of us occupied. Thankfully we have visitors for the long Easter weekend which means Emmie will have a permanent distraction and diversion and there will be four adults in the house to catch Joe as he races to the stairs. He’s even learnt to open the stair gate so I have to be extra vigilant these days.

Hopefully the weather will brighten up a bit but if it doesn’t I’ve found some good rainy day options, as well as outdoors ideas to fill the longer, brighter days.

GEOCACHING  I’ve wanted to do this for ages and I’m determined now that I’ve realised there are 3 caches within less than a mile of our house. There are 2,579,668 worldwide so there’s bound to be one to discover close to you. A more formal, structured take on a treasure hunt with the added bonus of exploring and no one knowing where the treasure lies! Check out this website to find out more.

PLANT A VEGETABLE / FLOWER GARDEN  We’ve got a few seed packets to plant and as I mentioned yesterday, Emmie has her bucket of “grow your own strawberries” to get started.

EGG CARTON CRAFTS  On Pinterest there’s a whole host of ideas and inspiration. Or you can take a look at our recent, feeble attempts!

Egg carton craft

TADPOLE SPOTTING  This used to mark the start of spring for us when we were younger. Our Aunt would take us to a local lake over a number of weeks and we’d follow their lifespan.

DECORATE EASTER EGGS  The Germans do a roaring trade in hard boiled, pre-painted eggs that I’ve recently succumbed to buying. The Americans do great kits to paint your own that I’ve invested in too.

BAKE EASTER TREATS  Hot Cross Buns, Easter biscuits or Mary Berry’s amazing Easter Pavlova that was on the TV last night!

Easter Baking


Easter cardTEACH THE REAL STORY BEHIND EASTER  I’ve learnt my lesson on this one after Emmie became utterly obsessed with Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus at Christmas. I’ll save this for another year!


CREATE A GARDEN SCAVENGER HUNT this blog has some great ideas and inspiration

Let me know which ones you try!