J Crew sleeves and the perfect shirt

When I was at our Mum’s last week I shopped my 2000-2005 wardrobe, which randomly seems to have been spread across 3 bedrooms in their house. Most of it is highly questionable and Mum is desperate for one of us to clear a full double wardrobe of coats that we will never wear again, but just won’t chuck. Full length black leather mac anyone? We have two! Mine cost a fortune in 1999 so I’m loathe to part with it. But even less inclined to move it to my house!

Anyway, I found this shirt. Amy has one too. I know that because I copied her and bought it after one too many times of surreptitiously borrowing hers when we lived together a few years back.

The perfect shirt

It’s from Jack Wills of all places. Teen haven. Abercrombie-wannabe. Massively and normally, ridiculously overpriced. Too dark, too loud, to cluttered. The list goes on but the shirt is perfection. I can’t believe I haven’t worn it in about 10 years.

100% cotton and not Asia-made. Portugal in fact. It buttons up beautifully, irons easily (James has a huge collection from our England days so I should have known that) and looks a charm. Matched with my white H&M skaters and rolled up blue denim I think it’s a brilliant spring outfit.

Never one to reinvent the wheel, a bit like Crew Clothing, Jack Wills has a similar collection this season. The pink gingham one is hugely reduced at the moment.

Worn with my favourite J Crew sleeves and the half tuck (which my husband tells me every time looks stupid. What does he know?) I am loving it and thought I’d share the look.

If you’ve never J Crew’d your arms before, here’s a quick how to. You’ll never look back because it keeps them up all day, and when future shirt shopping, you’ll properly appreciate and seek out the cuff contrast!

J Crew Sleeves

Have a go and see what you think!