My must have iPhone apps; the March 2015 edit

My name is Lucy and I’m an iPhone addict. My phone is metaphorically, and literally, an extension of my arm these days. It does everything, except make or receive calls. I try not to partake in either of those two activities very much.

And, as a result, both of my children are fully proficient in navigating their way around the screen. Emmie to watch films mostly and Joe to look at photos of himself mainly. They are growing up in such a different world to us.

I’m a sucker for a new app, especially if it professes to solve all my organisational issues but I have a core page that doesn’t get swapped out very often. They’re my mainstays and I couldn’t live my day-to-day life without them. I’ll rephrase that. I wouldn’t want to live my life without them!

Here’s what it looks like:

My must have iPhone apps

Whatsapp ~~ such an awesome text app. It’s free across all platforms and you can create groups, send unlimited images, video and audio media messages.

Timehop ~~ I love looking back at that exact day in previous years and seeing what I was up to.

BBC News ~~ to keep up with what’s current and to get breaking news alerts as they happen.

Instagram ~~ I’m slightly addicted to this and keep a smaller group of friends who seem to like the hundreds of photos I post. Check out our Instagram page.

Kindle ~~ such an brilliant invention. I love having my books synced to my phone for when I’m sat hanging around or pretending to watch a ballet class..!

Lactmed ~~ as a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) this is a great app for identifying breastfeeding friendly medications.

The Weather Channel ~~ because it’s absolutely essential I know exactly when the warmth is coming. At my house and where my friends live across the world.

C210K ~~ to keep my 10K running going.

Nike Running ~~ most serious runners use a Garmin or equivalent. I’m still a little basic with my Nike app!

MyFitnessPal ~~ a great tool to manage your daily calorie intake. It’s fascinating and I could play with for hours.

Geocaching ~~a very recent addition for my planned spring and summer exploring trips. It identifies the local caches and directs you to them. Awesome as my sense of direction is slightly lacking.

Mumsnet ~~ an oldie but a goodie. Love a gratuitous read every now and again.

Pinterest ~~ my current obsession is finding ideas for a calm, serene home office environment and a super cool playroom.

Videos ~~ because sometimes, Tinkerbell just has to happen when you’re in a nice restaurant and don’t want to ruin the whole room’s meal.

Duolingo ~~ my German is coming on pretty well due to this simple, easy teaching app.

EduKitchen ~~ Emmie loves this kitchen based learning programme.

Jamie Oliver Recipes ~~ as much as every Jamie recipe has about 1453 ingredients, I do get a lot of meal-planning inspiration from him.

Moonpig ~~ Living overseas, I send the majority of my cards via Moonpig. The cost of a stamp from here to home would be more than the price of the card and postage combined.

FreePrints ~~ a super cheap way of printing phone photos and actually making sure that it happens.

Touchnote ~~ I really like this app for sending spontaneous photos across the globe. The modern day version of the holiday postcard.

What are your essentials? I’m keen to increase my portfolio and love pressing download in the App store!