Fish Friday

FISH FRIDAY(1)Easter week is upon us. Woohoo! This Sunday I CAN DRINK TEA once again and I’m looking forward to it.  Nothing goes as well with a hot cross bun slathered in butter than a delicious cup of Earl Grey made in a teapot, preferably with leaves not tea bags.  Before Sunday we have Good Friday and we try to carry on a religious tradition with the children; abstaining from meat and eating fish instead.


Off to my local fish shop I’ll go and take a look at what they have.  If I find sea bass I’ll pan fry it in butter and serve with samphire and garlic.  Samphire is a coastal plant and quite salty, it’s delicious when fried in butter and garlic then blended to create a salsa type accompaniment to a fish dish.  To the side, new potatoes and green beans, all slathered in butter, the salted type of course.

I have recently decided I enjoy salmon. Before it was always one of those things that if someone put it in front of me I’d eat it, but I would never pick it from a menu.  Usually it’s covered in green pesto, baked and served with the usual new potatoes and green veg of some sort.

If I check the bank account on Thursday and it’s looking rather dim I may pop along to  Aldi to get one of their salmon en croute. This brings back childhood memories of eating dinner at my Auntie’s house. I like the one with the cheese sauce in the frozen section.  It comes in around £4 ish.

For true laziness and indulgence we’ll head to the fish and chip shop for cod and chips, one large to feed all three of us.  Nothing beats a real fish and chip supper with white bread and butter.  Where we live we’re really lucky and spoilt for choice with excellent chip shops (and if you’re local it’s the Bishopston Fish Bar), the small bag of chips is enough to feed two people or one very hungry husband.

Recently I’ve been watching what I’m eating so I’ve upped my fish intake and am really enjoying it. It’s something I could never be bothered to eat and associated it with ‘diets’, but now I actively buy, eat and enjoy it. Except swordfish; I find that weird.

What are you having for your supper on Friday?