Mission Impossible – Leaving the house with a three year old and baby by 8.45am

Every morning at 7.30am on the dot I hear a thud and pounding on the hallway floor, Bertie is soon in the bedroom so obviously the sun is on his clock (the amazing Gro Clock) and it’s time to get up “Mummy the sun is on my clock it’s time to have breakfast, I’m hungry, get up, GET UP!”.  I’ve tried to pretend to be asleep but the little monkey just jumps on me, I try to tell him it’s not time to get up, he has none of it, so…..

I drag myself out of the bed and think today is another day.  Normally we don’t leave the house until 9.30am so I have two hours in which to sort myself out.  This is still a mission and I struggle especially when I’m tired, however I devised some tricks to speed the process along:

The night before

  • I think about what I’m going to wear, and try to hang it up in my bedroom, same goes for Bertie and Evie.  For Bertie I even get the pants and socks out and place them on the chair, so if I’m not the one to dress him whoever is knows exactly what to do.
  • I organise my jewellery I intend to wear so less faffing about.
  • Nappy bag is packed, ensuring I’ve replaced nappies, bibs, muslins and wipes, so all I need to do is leave the house.
  • Shoes are placed on the shelves in the porch and coats on the hooks, so I don’t need to search the house.
  • This one I struggle with but do try, keeping my keys in the same place, this is normally the pocket of the coat I’ve worn that day.  This is usually what slows me down leaving the house.  Wallet is kept in my bag so I don’t need to think about it.
  • Anything else I need to take with me is sat by the front door ready to go.


  • Bertie is dressed before heading downstairs for breakfast, if I don’t do this, for some reason the morning drags on and it feels like everything is delayed by 30min, I’ve no idea why.  For breakfast he wears his apron to stop him smothering his jumper in weetabix.
  • With Evie apart from sorting her clothes there isn’t any time saving tips here, she’s a baby and therefore very unpredictable but luckily she rolls with us.
  • Breakfast bowls have been placed on the side the night before so all I have to do is throw a weetabix, some milk and microwave for 20 seconds.  Again, not having Bertie’s bowl easily to hand can add 10min because inevitably it’ll be dirty and not the right one therefore causing a meltdown and tempers to rise and adding on at least an hour.
  • My hair, if I wash it I always use my Aquis hair towel to speed the drying process.  If I can’t be bothered it’s Batiste dry shampoo and this hair style, quick, simple and stylish.
  • Makeup, I use my Moodstruck 3D Fiberlashes and a lick of lipstick, both to me are essential.

I’ve obviously had a strong cup of coffee whilst Bertie is waiting for his hot milk and weetabix, otherwise none of the above would be possible.

These are my tricks to leave the house as soon as I can in the morning, if I do them, the process is painless, if I don’t, stress levels rise and it causes us to start the day on the wrong foot, which doesn’t make a fun day.


Disclaimer: If we don’t have to leave the house in the morning Bertie isn’t dressed until 11.30am.