Oil me up – rehydrate your face

I can honestly say that I’ve never even been into a Neil’s Yard Remedies shop let alone bought one of their products. There’s always been a branch in Bristol but it’s kind of out of the way and just has never featured on my radar when buying anything skincare related.

I am now a convert. 100% so.

Our lovely friend Selina gave us a sample pack of some Neil’s Yard Remedies products that she’d been gifted for her café (Bubbahub in Bristol, if you’re local, it’s very cool). She raved about the Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil and told us to try it. So I did. Two small sachets lasted four nights and I was squeezing the paper packets on the fifth night to glean more drops for one more go. I loved it.

Rose is my favourite scent and it wasn’t too strong. It applied just like an oil; easily and smoothly but it wasn’t heavy or greasy and sank straight into my skin. When I woke my skin felt soft and completely rehydrated and over the few nights looked healthier than it has in a long time.

Made with 99% organic ingredients, it’s a vegan product and is suitable for dry and normal skin. What I absolutely love is, as an ethical company, they can tell you the provenance of their oils on the website.

NYR Rehydrating Rose Facial Oil

Their organic Rose essential oil is from Kerman Province, Iran  and they cite “The money we earn from our roses means we can build schools for our children.” Ahmet, Rose Farmer.

I really was impressed and I’ve ordered my own full sized bottle now so that I can keep on using it. A great sales technique by the Bristol Neil’s Yard remedies peeps. I’m very excited that they deliver to me in Europe too. A huge winner in my eyes! I am most definitely going to make a trip to the shop Bristol the next time I’m home. Or maybe I need some more samples?!