Bank Holiday Monday

We had a lovely bank holiday weekend, I thought sunday was going to be the highlight with regards to the weather but monday was glorious.  We were in Devon for the weekend and decided to use Bertie’s Diggerland tickets he was given for his birthday on the monday, and what a wonderful day it was.Diggerland is amazing by the way, it’s not massive but more than enough to do all day and take a picnic.  Who knew you could transform a JCB into so many different types rides and excitement for kids and adults alike.  I thought (before we arrived) I would want to stick pins in my eyes instead of going on the rides but on arrival it was great and I got the chance to take Bertie on a few instead of sitting on the sidelines.  I think the pinnacle for him was sitting in a huge JCB, digging up mounds and mounds of mud with his dad, we have a miniature one at home so the real deal was thrilling.


Naturally we took a picnic with us, I won’t lie, it was naff.  A bit of sweaty cheddar shoved inside two pieces of slightly stale bread and a lick of butter to ease the palate, an apple and an out of date yoghurt, it was only mildly better than the food they served in the cafe.  On the return journey home, which should have taken an hour but instead three and a half, stupid M5 on a bank holiday monday at 5pm with one baby screaming for most of it and a pre schooler complaining he was hungry I had enough time to think how I would do my next picnic differently.

  1. I’ll think of it as a glorified pack lunch, Bertie will have his lunch box, a sandwich and any leftover easter eggs because he has bloody loads and I’m trying desperately not to eat them.
  2. For me, an apple and some cheese which doesn’t sweat or tastes better when left out, e.g. St Agur or Brie.
  3. Picnic blanket, we were given one as a wedding present that we’re still yet to use, this is the year of the John Lewis blue and white stripe picnic blanket.
  4. Waterproof coats, the great British weather is never predictable, we can use them to sit on as an extra blanket and put them on when it inevitably starts to pour down.
  5. Wet wipes, what mother wouldn’t be without them? Easy to wipe dirty hands or to quickly clean cutlery (if in use) before transporting home.  The important point for me is to pick up a new packet, not the one with only three left.
  6. Thermos flask with coffee in, this is obviously for me and just in case we don’t set up camp near a cafe, a whole day without coffee is similar to not showering in the morning.
  7. Sun tan lotion, I know everyone thinks it doesn’t get hot enough in the UK to get burnt but I looked at Evie’s little legs yesterday morning and they we’re slightly pink, we weren’t even out in the sun that much.
  8. Nappy bags, quick and easy bin bags.

That was as far as I got until I couldn’t stand the screaming and whinning any longer, I stopped at a delightful Brewers Fayre to feed the children and myself on the A38.  Mental note: when the M5 is heaving on a bank holiday monday don’t turn off onto the A38 thinking you’ll get home quicker because everyone will have the same ridiculous idea.