Bertie’s wishlist

I know it’s only April and Bertie’s birthday isn’t until August but I don’t have many weekends free from now until then.  So naturally as a mother I’m already thinking about when his party is going to happen and what he may want to have as a present.

He’s really lucky to have a birthday in the summer, mine is in July and I used to receive presents for the garden e.g. climbing frame, slippy slide, neither of which Bertie will ever have unless we move house because our garden is simply not big enough.  Last year Auntie Lucy gave him a wonderful present of a water canal system, he loved it, my nails and hands did not, it’s really fiddly to put together but it kept him entertained for hours.

He has a sit on JCB digger given to him a couple of years ago for christmas, again he loves it, my husband not as much, Bertie digs in the raised beds and around the herbs.  To try and stop this happening I think some form of sand pit is a good idea and I really want to get him a simple one.

argos sand pitThe idea would be to fill one with sand and leave the other empty, allowing him to transfer the sand from one to the other, or drop it all over the garden.  The Early Learning Centre are selling play sand for three for two, making three bags £5.  On researching sand from ELC they sell it in different colours, why?????? Surely sand is sand and if it needs to be a colour you could just add food colouring (I haven’t tried this by the way, so it’s not a definite it works).

A new paddling pool is a must, we only have a baby one bought a few years ago and as Bertie is turning four he needs a big boy one.  From my childhood experience the ones with the sides which aren’t blown up are rubbish, I remember having to put bricks on the inside to keep the sides up and therefore the water contained, typical 80’s.  I can’t be bothered with this now and paddling pools have progressed in the last 25 years with blow up ones being standard, we have an electric pump so no getting out of puff for me.

I want to get Bertie this one and I think he’s wet himself with excitement, two problems, one, not enough room in the garden, two, my husband and the price, it’s not going to happen but I can wish.

imageI want this one, minus children and with one of Lucy’s delicious margaritas in my hand.


Realistically it’s going to be this one but with the weather today I may hold off for a week or two until I buy it.

imageThat’s what Bertie wants, I want the sun to come out so we can use our garden more and leave the kitchen doors wide open, I’m not going to put any money on it.

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