Spring cleaning my life

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed recently because there’s just so much going on in our lives. The extended Easter Holidays here have meant that Emmie’s been home every day with me and Joe, and our social calendar has been unusually active.

As well as blogging (which takes up way more time than imagined!), I’m studying and doing some paid narrative work as well. So, trying to fit 29 hours worth of stuff into a 24 hour day is become harder and harder. Couple that with the fact that I can only do the reading in the evening (as we live under the noisiest flightline and I need no children around), I had to make some drastic changes.

Last week I read this blog post 5 easy ways to spring clean your health and it really resonated. I decided to adapt this, and used the concept to spring clean my life instead.

Here are the changes I’ve made so far:

Get up earlier I’ve started setting my alarmย  for an hour earlier than I normally get up. It’s so hard to leave my warm bed, especially as Joe is normally snuggled against me and it’s a challenge of Crystam Maze-esque proportions to get out without him noticing. But as I jump into the shower, I mentally allocate this time to ticking off tasks quickly with no children around. So far it’s been blogging and the laundry. Small steps!

Read a chapter from my book each day I’ve got so much schoolwork to read that I’m trying to just do a little every day. I’ve not accomplished this once yet, but I will. Oh I will.


Actively getting exercise back into my life And my daily trampoline workout doesn’t count. I’ve figured that if I delay dinner by half an hout, I can tag team James as he gets in from work and get my run on.


Upping my water intake This has been fairly easy as it’s been much warmer recently so my coffee habit has reduced just slightly and spending my evenings recording means that I swig loads to keep my throat from going dry.

Reevaluating my supplements As we’re in Spring I can now lay claim to no Winter 2014-2015 sickness at all. The only time I felt a little bit poorly was after the idiotic flu jab that was mandated for my U.S. Visa. I take a lot; probiotics, multivitamins, Floridix and a super dose of vitamin D because I’m breastfeeding. I’ve scaled it back ever so slightly and have put myself on a summer schedule!

Stripped my wardrobe bare I’ve done the unthinkable and got rid (well boxed up) all of the clothes that I don’t wear very often. I obviously don’t like them that much because they’ve hung there most of the winter. I now have about 3 tops and 5000 pairs of jeans. I tried on another pair of jeans in a shop as well last night (Levi’s mid-rise skinny if you’re interested in the palest wash – they were really nice); I may have a denim problem. But I have a clean, simple wardrobe. It feels good. And now I can only wear clothes that I like. And yes, I really do only wear navy 95% of the time.


Have a workable list of things to do each day and get through it I’ve failed every day on this but at least as soon as I remember something, I write it down. And one day I will phone the Dentist and then I’ll find the motivation to make an Optician’s appointment. Doing it all in German is a bit too hard some days!

Take some time for me In the form of Nashville and Real Housewives of New York (I’ve started Bloodlines too – I’m not sure about it though). I have both series/seasons on iTunes so I can watch them when I can find a spare 40 minutes of peace. Pure, unadulterated, mindless entertainment. Sometimes I just need that.

What have you changed recently?