Our teething essentials

It’s been one of those weeks, you know, the one you can’t wait to it come to an end.  Evie has cut four teeth in a matter of days, which explains why she wouldn’t be put down for two seconds whilst I made myself a coffee.

Sophie has been a trusted friend these last few weeks and I’m so pleased we had her, as was Evie, her face would light up whenever I started squeaking the toy anywhere near her with her arms stretched out wide, implying “gimme, gimme, gimme” with a small cry if I wasn’t quick enough.

Next on our vital list is Ashton and Parsons teething granules, or any granules for that matter.  When Bertie was teething Ashton and Parsons for some reason was out of stock in the whole country, if you wanted to buy some you could only get it via Amazon and for £25 a packet.  I remember at the time considering buying them for this price but didn’t in the end, luckily they’ve gone down in price and only £5.99.  Still a bit pricey for what they are but it’s something to relieve the little girl’s cry, as soon as it’s in her mouth she calms down for at least 20 min, worth the money in my book but I’m not convinced they’re the miracle cure everyone was calling them three years ago.

Teething gel, Boots own make, when I looked at the ingredients they all contain the same thing so why would I pay more for a brand?  If i’m allowed to get anywhere near her new gnashers it does help.

I know people who have used amber necklaces on their babies and sworn it’s helped with, I’ve been a bit lazy in sorting one of these out and Evie still doesn’t have one.  I know it takes a bit of time to work but she only has four teeth and we still have a long way to go, maybe it’s time I pulled my finger out and bought one.

If the above failed I went for the safe option of Calpol but we had the problem of her spitting it straight back out, I’m so pleased I went to the effort to tip sweet, sticky, pink glop down my t-shirt….everytime.

For me I’ve been looking at sunglasses, TK Maxx always have an excellent selection and here are a few of my favourites.  Every mother needs a cool pair of sunglasses, especially one who can’t quite fit into her pre baby clothes quite yet.



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