Spring clearout and making money at the same time


We have a serious amount of stuff in our house and added up it’s worth a lot of money.  Instead of sending it to the charity shop I’ve been trying to sell some of it online, one item in particular I’ve put on various Facebook selling pages and it’s not gone.  So I decided I would try selling on E-Bay.

E-Bay has always scared me, I’ve never bought anything from it nor have I sold anything before and as for setting up a PayPal account, it was all beyond me.  After chatting to friends they told me it was easy, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.  I downloaded the app and I was off.  It did take me a bit of working out how to sort out my PayPal account but after some data input it’s all done.  I was hungover and it took about two-three hours, so a normal person would take 30min in total.

Now I’ve been trying to sell a hypnobirthing cd for ages, no one was interested on Facebook selling pages, fair enough, but I didn’t want to send it to the charity shop and was convinced someone, somewhere would give me something for it!  Even if it was 50p.  I put it on as free postage and packaging

because I was told it would attract more buyers and I had it down as a buy now for £6 (they charge you 50p for this privilege).  Once again I was convinced no one would want it but one day later I had two people watching it, I was going to get my husband to bid only to make sure I didn’t pay someone to take it from me.  I was settling down for the evening to do admin when I checked my e-mails, I had £6 in my paypal account, GET IN! Finally it was SOLD.

Twice I’ve tried to buy Bertie some sandals but I haven’t got the hang of buying things, I’ve lost both bids.  It’s probably for the best, it’ll stop me spending more money than I make.

All I want to say is this, if I can work out E-Bay anyone can, so instead of SAVING money why don’t you start MAKING money.  I’m really impressed with my £6 and I plan to turn it into at least £100 by the time I’ve sold all of Bertie’s Postman Pat figures I have high expectations of myself.

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