Pimms O’Clock

imageWhen I think of Pimms I think of sunshine, outdoor eating, Wimbledon and strawberries with clotted cream.  I had some last weekend (some = half a bottle or more), someone once told me you couldn’t get drunk on Pimms, I proved that theory wrong.

How I make a it:

  • Fill half a jug with Pimms
  • Top with lemonade
  • Handful of strawberries chopped up
  • An apple chopped up, if in the fruit bowl
  • Ripped up mint
  • Sliced cucumber if available
  • Add ice – if space


Apparently there’s a formula to making it perfect and it involves a ratio of 1:3 of Pimms to Lemonade.  If I had known this last weekend I may not have drunk so much and felt awful on Sunday and Monday, two children and a two-day hangover is NOT fun.  My only advice with getting through this is to eat toast and go to bed as soon as they have.  Back to the perfect Pimms, it needs strawberries, mint, cucumber and ice, nowhere suggests the addition of apple, I clearly made this up when I spied an old apple in the bowl.

Waitrose are selling Pimms 70cl for only £12.00 and Tesco 1L for £16.00.  Or if you feel like being lazy Asda have the Pimms cans with lemonade for £3 for two.  I have a hen weekend starting today so I’m off to get the cans to have for the journey.

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