Holibobs shopping list

Holibob essentialsIt’s nearly time to head away on our holibobs, it’s going to be hot and we’re going to spend a whole week on the beach or by the pool.  Bertie is going to learn how to jump into the water without holding anyones hand, Evie is going to taste sand for the first time and I’m going to attempt to read a book I’m obviously deluded and haven’t been on a hot beach holiday with two small children before but one can wish.

I’ve made a list of everything we need and it’s as long as my arm.  I’m trying to think of everything to make this trip as easy as possible, so here are my essentials for holidaying with children:

  • Bin Liner – To have as a laundry bin and make sure clean and dirty don’t get mixed up, then I’ll ram it into one of our suitcases for the return journey, maybe I’ll make it two bin liners.
  • String and Pegs – For hanging up the swimming costumes at the end of the day to make sure they’re ready for the next.
  • Washing Powder in a small container – To rinse the swimming costumes at the end of the day or Evie’s white t-shirt post meal to make sure it doesn’t get completely ruined.
  • Instant Coffee – If we were gong to Italy I wouldn’t bother but it’s the Canaries and I’m not convinced I’ll be able to get my Kenco Millicano there.
  • Weaning Spoon – Evie may decide she wants to eat with a spoon.
  • Travel Kettle – Just in case the apartments don’t have one, the thought of boiling water on a stove doesn’t appeal to me.
  • Travel Plug Adapters – Obviously to be able to use my hairdryer and straighteners and possibly charge the iPad for a bit of CBeebies action.
  • Suncream and Aftersun – Obviously to make sure we don’t burn and to soothe the skin after.  I’ve just bought some aftersun which is put on in the shower, so I’ll let you know if it’s worth it.
  • Mosquito Spray and Bite Stick – Smells horrible but much better than struggling with a mossie bite, or tying to stop Bertie itching one of his.
  • Swim Nappies – For Evie and lots of them.
  • Talcum Powder – To get the sand of Evie’s bum in order to change her nappy properly and remove the sand from our feet before putting flip-flops on (there’s nothing worse than sand irritating the skin whilst walking).
  • My Book – I can be hopeful.

The rest is same old, same old, swimming costume, towels, tickets, money and passports.  The list is completed but nothing is packed and probably won’t be until the night before we leave.

What are your essentials when taking your children on holiday?

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