Faking my summer skin – bronzing me up from the bottle

It’s always about this time of the year that I start my summer skin regime.

Having been a diehard sunbather in my twenties, my thirties have been all about trying to slow down the damage that I’ve likely done to myself. I wear SPF 15 on my face every day, try to keep the sleeves long(ish) if I know I’m going to be outside for a prolonged period and attempt to lotion up if my arms and legs are exposed for hours at a time.


I sound so worthy but obviously, despite these ideals, I’ve still already burnt myself this year. Unlike everyone else (and I mean everyone else) in my family, I have pretty pale and moley skin. I’m really selling myself here! The children both have complexions that tan in 2 seconds whilst I burn to a crisp in 5 minutes. I walk a fine line between getting my daily dose of vitamin D and needed to be slathered in aloe from the moment the spring sun appears.

That said, I feel so much better and think I look so much healthier when I’m sporting a touch of the bronze. So I’ve busted out last year’s tube of L’Oreal Sublime Bronze Gradual Tan 24 Hour Moisturising Lotion and have been gradually applying it for the last week or so now.

Sublime Bronze

After a few weeks I move from the light, to the medium one. Just like full on fake tan, you need to rub it in well, especially around the knees, elbows and ankles. I don’t exfoliate because I’m lazy, and just use it like a normal moisturiser. You do need to wash your hands well, especially the gaps between your fingers. It sinks in to the skin quickly, has a faint whiff but nothing too offensive, and leaves your skin so soft after just a couple of applications.

The best part? It’s on offer at Boots at the moment! £4.66 instead of the usual £6.99. Try it. I honestly don’t think you’ll be disappointed as it’s just so easy and leaves your skin looking such a great colour.

Will you try it this bikini season?