Bags, Bags, Bags

I went on a Hen weekend last week, when I was packing I went to grab my evening bag……then it dawned on me……yup, that, I don’t have one, or I do but a silver Mischa Barton clutch from Debenhams circa 2004 was too embarassing to take with me.

Problem solved, Mum always has a plethora of bags and she had shown me her latest only two weeks ago, an electric blue leather clutch from New Look, it would go with both outfits so KERCHING, saved me some money and a stressful trip to the shops.  Only problem is, I now have two weddings to go to soon and my old trusty cream clutch gave up last year and I have nothing to carry my essential lipstick, key and card in.

Having a look at the shops online there are loads in the sale, here is a selection I loved.

Debenhams have a sale on at the moment.


TK Maxx never fails to come up with the goods.



I love Oasis, at the moment they have 20% off everything until friday.

imageThis one is my favourite at £7.00.

imageAll I need to do now is work out what I’m going to wear so I can pair the outfit to the bag.

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