How often do you clean your oven?

We had a new kitchen fitted two years ago and I only cleaned my oven once before that.


I kept saying to myself, “we’ll have a new one soon so what’s the point of cleaning it?”  Little did I know that it would take three years for it to be installed! Now we have a new one I try to keep it vaguely clean. I’ve bought Mr Muscle oven cleaner; it’s good but I just can’t be bothered.

I’ve also read that it helps to wipe it down after every use….. Sure. Sure. Obviously I don’t have anything else more important to do post cooking!  I’ve tried the once a week (it quickly became once a fortnight) routine. It didn’t happen. Naturally it became once a month and something was always burnt on hard.  The super duper oven cleaner stuff you have to use gloves and not leave on too long didn’t quite make it spotless. I’ve even considered paying someone £20 to come in to do it for me. I haven’t gone that far yet. But I’m still considering it.

Then I was told about a liner you place in the bottom to protect it the oven floor from Lakeland. It’s simply amazing and worth its weight in gold.  At £9.99 the Magic Oven Liner is exactly that; magic. It needs to be cut to size and then placed inside the oven.  Use the oven as normal and when the bottom is vile, lift out the liner and clean it with soapy water. Easy. Peasy.  It has saved me hours of scrubbing, or potential scrubbing, I’m not sure I would have scrubbed very hard.

The only con with this product is that you need to cut it to size with some normal scissors. Hardly difficult. So for our household, it’s a must have, just check out the 296 reviews on Lakeland’s website if you don’t believe me!

Will you get one?!

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