Ouch – the credit card’s seen a lot of action this week!

I really have to caveat this post early on with a slight self-justification! I live in Germany where I’ve only just found out that Mango and Zara keep their Spanish prices rather than charge the inflated British ones. So, what I paid for my tops was far less than the equivalent in ££££!

And, we have an American shop accessible to us so I can buy U.S. brands in $$$ which again, comes out far cheaper than the equivalent in pounds.

Mango textured sweater £29.99 and Mango contrast tshirt  £17.99. Not that you can see the contrast on the yellow but the top part is a different material to the rest. I have worn the sweater too many times already. It’s super smart and very comfy.

Mango tshirt and sweater

I absolutely adore this Zara tshirt with pocket  £15.99. I love a stripe but this stitched pocket adds a level of interest normally lacking in my usual bretons. The H&M tee is a re-purchase of last year’s one. My 2014 one is in immaculate condition but it’s just too baggy because I was still slightly post natal. Baggy boyfriend jeans and a baggy tshirt may have been the look in 1989 but not so much these days. It’s 100% organic cotton and so light and non-sweaty on a very hot day.

Zara and H&M tshirts

Joe was the other fortunate recipient of a few things. The moccasins because he’s still not walking but is cruising everywhere so needed something soft and leather on his feet. The blue sandals are wishful thinking for our summer holiday. I knew that if I didn’t buy them now, they’d be out of stock when I did need them. And the tshirt, because, as it says, he was born way too loud.

Joseph clothes

H&M Born Loud tshirt £3.99  H&M Moccasins £5.99  H&M boys sandals £5.99

This Tommy Hilfiger dress £70.00 doesn’t look much here, but it fitted me like a dream and was very flattering. They probably should have asked me to model it for the website – I’m sure I wear it better!

Tommy Hilfiger

And for our American readers, I’ve just stumbled upon Sierra Sage’s 100% organic products. Free from petroleum, chemicals and other harmful ingredients but with sustainable herbs and essential oils. I bought the Green Goo® Outdoor Salve $12.95, an all purpose healing salve.

Green GooAnd finally, this is where the ouch factor really kicks in….


What have you bought this week?