Making laundry easier, can it be done?

making laundry easier, is it possible_

Urghhh I hate washing clothes, it isn’t the actual washing of the clothes, it’s the putting away of the copious amount of clothes we have.  I swear one weekend, saturday and sunday, two days, I DID TEN WASHES, how???  Pre children I used to do three a week, a dark wash, a light wash and my uniform, that, was, it.  I’m lucky if I do three in as many days.

Somehow I’ve found Bertie’s socks in my sock drawer, now you may think how do you confuse your sons 7.5 infant size socks for your own, I have size 3, it’s easily done.  To top it off I’ve recently found Bertie’s trainer socks in Evie’s sock drawer and I’ve put them on her feet, realised my mistake and couldn’t be bothered to change them.  Slummy mummy award here I come.

Surely, someone in the world has created a device to prevent this from happening?  I’ve discovered (but admit I haven’t used yet) little laundry bags, I’m hoping this is going to be the work of the gods.  Each of us will have our own bag, we put our socks into it and NO MIXING, it goes into the wash and then tumble dryer, voila, no hunting for a pair to match, I’m hoping it’s going to be the answer to my dreams.

John Lewis sell a pack of three.

Amazon have buy one get one free.

Lakeland, have a buy one get one half price.

Does anyone have any other amazing laundry ideas that I need to have in my life?

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