Lanzarote holiday – was my packing a success?

Unfortunately this post isn’t similar to one of Lucy’s travel posts. There was no sightseeing or culture. Instead we went on a cheap, beach holiday to Lanzarote and it was just that.

imageAmazing for all four of us. No painting to be done, no food to be cooked and most importantly nowhere we had to be.  Our week followed a very simple pattern. We went to the beach in the morning, had lunch in the apartment, Evie napped and Bertie watched the iPad. We then sunbathed on the balcony with our books, spent a couple of hours at the pool, showered and then went out for dinner.  That was it and I blooming loved it.

I keep thinking about what I packed to try to make life easier for the next time we go away (I’m hoping it’ll be soon). Here’s a list of the items I found incredibly useful:

  1. Picnic blanket – for the beach. I used it as a mat for Evie to play on.  We had a towel each but post swimming the blanket proved useful when the sand was scorching hot and we had somewhere to stand
  2. Washing powder – when Bertie got chocolate ice cream down his brand new tshirt I could soak it before throwing it into the dirty washing bag. Or when Evie did a similar thing with her mango. I swear this has saved at least four t-shirts from being thrown away
  3. Plastic bags – To use when food shopping, Lanzarote supermarkets charge for them and because I’m so used to reusing them at home, I hate the idea of taking more.  Very handy to use as dirty washing bags, one for whites, darks and lights
  4. Supermarket reusable shopping bag – I used my Tesco one as a beach bag. It’s big and allowed me to fill it with everything required for the day with easy access for purse, keys or snacks.  I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to unzip a rucksack every time Bertie complained he was hungry or I needed a wet wipe for Evie
  5. Double buggy – Even though Bertie is four soon this was still needed, especially in the evening when he was tired from a full day.  During the day it also acted as a trolley to transport the stupid amount of ‘stuff’ we needed; bottles of water, towels and everything else and during the midday heat it was a godsend

What I didn’t need to take:

  1. Too many jumpers – I took two cardigans for myself, three for Evie and three for Bertie. We didn’t use them once.  If I could go back in time I would add one for each of us in a colour that went with everything or not care if my mustard cardigan doesn’t compliment my bright pink dress
  2. Too many clothes for the children – I managed to minimise but I still brought home clean clothes for them, at least two full outfits each

What I didn’t take:

  1. Enough nappies –  I packed too many swim nappies for Evie and not enough regular ones so we had to buy a pack on our last day because we were short for the journey home. It was really annoying. Pack what you think you’ll need and then an extra ten just in case (that’s if you have enough room)

I took my book and I managed to read some of it during our afternoons sunbathing on the balcony. For me, an utter success.

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